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Brand: Generic Model: Vegetable peeler with storage box
Generic Vegetable and Fruit Peeler with Tube (Assorted)• Fruit Vegetable Peeler With Collect Cup comes with a peel collect cup design• no-hassle cleanup, the peel has been collected in the cup while peeling, you can dump them away and then wash the peeler with water.• Using the multi-function peeler..
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Brand: Generic Model: Non-stick plastic rolling pin
Generic Plastic Non-Stick Rolling Pin Fondant Cake Dough Roller (Assorted)• Essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant,paste and more.• With the bumped point on surface,effective to roll the dough.• Rolling press evenly, more save effort to use. Non-stick and easy to clean.• Great for r..
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Brand: Generic Model: Puri Cutter
Generic Pack Of_2_Stainless Steel Puri Cutter Roller Machine (Assorted)• Even if you are a beginner, it will allow you to make beautiful wavy-shaped dumplings in a short period so that you won't be in a hurry.• You can also use it to make Empanada, Pierogi, Ravioli, Won-tons, Pot stickers, Paste Lil..
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Brand: Generic Model: Food Storage (pack of 2)
Generic Pack Of_2_Pack of 2 Food Storage Container with Removable Drain Plate and Lid 1500 ml Fridge Storage Box  (Assorted)• food storage container with drainage plate, suitable for storing seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. Block cool and keep water.• Easy to find your food. Ref..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel fish scale remover
Generic Pack Of_2_Fish Skin Remover Stainless Steel (Assorted)• Eating fish provides you with many health benefits, but removing scales can be difficult• Stainless Steel Fish Skin Remover let you easily remove scales quickly and safely without fuss, practical to use in kitchen.• The Fish Scaler is v..
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Brand: Generic Model: 24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold
Generic Pack Of_2_24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold (Assorted)• Enjoy the Real Taste of Your Cold Drink - Our Big Ice Cube Trays Let You Enjoy Your Drink without The Water Dilution of Other Ice Cubes.• Silicone Ice Cube Tray Makes 24 Cubes• Our Product Are Fda Approved and Dishwasher Safe and Eas..
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Brand: Generic Model: New 4 Compartment Lunch Box
Generic 4 Compartment Insulated Lunch Box Stainless Steel Tiffin Box for Boys, Girls, School And Office (Assorted)• convenient to store variety food with divided lunch box design, portioned perfectly for adult/ child's appetite, durable and easy to-go.• 4 compartments can fully accommodate the nutri..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Spatula With Brush
Pack Of_5 Silicone Spatula And Pastry Brush (Color: Assorted)Silicone spatula and pastry brush set is ideal for scraping, basting, barbecues, party pies, quiches, tarts, small cakes or any similar usessilicone material, non-stick, reusable, dishwasher safedesigned for durability and ease of use.&nbs..
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Brand: Generic Model: Fridge Rack
Pack Of_5 Fridge Organizer (Color: Assorted)Smart-slide design to ensure sturdy grip on surfaces like glass, wood, plastic etcLightweight, flexible use, convenient and smart slide design, space saving and easy to store, durable, good ventilating having 4 holesA daily use storage rack to store your p..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cartoon Cup Mat Cup Coaster
Pack Of_5 Drink Coasters Mats - Non-Slip Heat Resistant (Color: Assorted)This coaster can show off your impeccable taste,carefully selected decorative designs and vibrant colours that will enhance your home environment and uplift your moodCoasters provide you with the ideal surface for placing with ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Apple Cutter
Pack Of_5 Apple Cutter Or Slicer With 8 Blades (Color: Assorted)Plastic and stainless steel.Sharp and durable stainless steel blade for effortless cutting.Cuts apples and removes the core.Makes eight even slices. Easy to clean and wash...
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Brand: Generic Model: Cartoon Shaped knife Sharpner
Pack Of_2 Cartoon Shaped Knife Sharpener (Color: Assorted)Regular use of even the highest quality blades will dull their edge, resulting in a loss of accuracy or the need for more effort when cutting This knife sharpener uses new knife sharpener technology.Unlike other knife sharpeners, it is totall..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Oil Brush
Pack Of_10 Silicon Oil Basting Brush (Color: Assorted)Perfect for toast, jam, honey, pastry, condensed milk, breakfast, birthday cake, outdoor BBQ grill, roast.Silicone Oil Brush Baking Brushes Liquid Oil Pen Cake Butter Bread Pastry BrushAdopted with silicone soft brush bristles and hanging sturdy ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Food Dish Cover
Foldable Insulated Food Cover with Table Hot Food Insulation Cover Dish Kitchen Food Cover  (Color: Assorted)Keep Food Fresh: Protect food from the elements and keep it freshprovide the same protection from bugs and dust, while fixing the structural problems that food tents haveThis cover not o..
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Brand: Generic Model: Square Double Layer Drain Basket
Double Layer Drain Basket Multi-Functional SquareMulti-Functional Square Large Refrigerator Storage Box 3 in 1 Kitchen Colander Strainer Bowl Set with Lid, Color:Assorted.The round corner of the non-slip bottom don’t not hurt hands. Its internal drainage basket is ventilated and quick drainage.The U..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cleaning Sponge
Pack Of 2_(6 Pieces Set)_Scratch Proof Kitchen Scrubber Pads (Color: Assorted)Scratch Proof Scrubber Pads-Scrubbing Pads Scratch Cleaner Our offered product is formulated with best in class product and advance technology according to the set market norms.Its non-acidic nature reduce damage to the ut..
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Brand: Generic Model: Rectangle Shape Cake Mould
Pack Of_2_11 Inch Bread Loaf Cake Baking Non Stick Pan Mould Rectangle ShapeEasy To Clean Non Stick Coating For Easy Release.Heavy weight carbon steel construction provides durability and fast, even heating for uniform browningNonstick coating ensures effortless food release; oven-safe to 260 degree..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 2-Silicone Lids
Generic Pack Of_2 Silicone Stretch Lids Multi Size Reusable Silicone Lids Food And Bowl Covers(6 Pcs Set) (Color: Assorted)Silicone Lids Is Easy To CleanFreezer, Refrigerator and Top Rack Dishwasher SafeStretch To Fit Round ContainersThese Set Includes 6 Transparent Silicone Sleeves Of Different Siz..
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Brand: Generic Model: Casserole
3Pieces Set Hot And Fresh Insulated Plastic Casserole (Color: Assorted)Eating hot and fresh food is everyone’s desire and this casserole with a interior and plastic outer body retains heat effectively for long periods of time. Now eat a hot and healthy lunch or dinner even on your busy days, or carr..
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Brand: Generic Model: Mini Whisk Beater
Pack Of_5 Fold able Plastic Whisk Beater Hand Blender Mixer Froth Whisker Lassi MakerErgonomically designed for excellent balance and control-for a difference you can really feel in the han.balloon whisk makes cooking much easier and more enjoyable.Try the largest whisk for big bowls of pancake batt..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 15-Mini Silicone Cup cake Mould
Generic Pack Of_15 Round Shape Mini Silicone Cupcake Mould (Color: Assorted)Multi Use Great for cooking eggs, bcupcakes, chocolates, meat dishes, baking muffins, cupcakes, breads, mousse and any other desserts you like, (Color:Assorted.The silicone cupcake liners are very easy to clean...
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Brand: Generic Model: Nonstick Spatula Set
6 Pieces Set Nylon Heat Resistant Nonstick Spoon SpatulaSet of cooking Nylon tools, including a solid turner, perforated turner, soup ladle, serving spoon, whisker, and spaghetti spoon strainer1 Skimmer, 1 Noodle Serving,2 Tavita, 2 Serving SpoonMake the life longer of non stick utensils and scratch..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel Shilly Corer Remover
Pack Of_2 Stainless Steel Chili Corer Peppers Seed Remover Knife with Serrated Edge Barbecue ToolsPepper corer made of food grade stainless steel of the blade and handle.Just insert and twist, then the stainless steel blade with the serrated edge and sharp inner teeth easily removes the core and see..
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Brand: Generic Model: Power Free Blender
Pack of 2_Power free blenderstainless steel blade ABS Plastic body for extra durabilityHeavy gear systemEasy to Store Multipurpose blade By using power free handSturdy stainless steel beaters can be removed easily for cleaning beaters are elevated and continue to work while device rests on bottom of..
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Brand: Generic Model: soap pump dispenser
Soap Dispenser 2 in 1 Sink Dishwasher Liquid HolderFill it up your favorite dish soap, then use the included sponge to press down on the pump, Color:Assorted.Cleaning dishes is about to get a whole lot faster with this soap pump and amp; sponge caddySoap pump dispenser best for home, school, office,..
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Brand: Generic Model: Fiip Container
Pack Of 2_500Ml Airtight Kitchen Container with Flip Lock (Color: Assorted)It has sealed lids which ensures airtight. It has easy opening feature that is you can simply pull the top knob to open the jar and push the top knob in downward direction to close the jar.It has square shape structure with t..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel Cake Knife
Pack Of_2 Stainless Steel CakeBlade Material Type: Stainless Steel, Blade Edge Type: Slanted edge, Handle Material: AcrylicThis beautiful set is elegantly designed for a true quality effect with sculpted and carved accents and ridges to look expensive and antique.Included Components: 3 Pieces.For we..
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Brand: Generic Model: Kitchen Kit
Generic Foldable Chopping Board, Dish Rack, Washing Bowl and amp; Draining Basket, 3in1 Multi-FunctionIdeal solution to small kitchens and crowed cabinet. The collapsible portable bucket come with integrated plug and strainer, simply press the plug to drain or strain water.he contoured ergonomic han..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicon Scrubber
Pack of 5_Home Cleaning Sponge Silicone ScrubberQuick Home silicone sponge made of flexible and durable food grade material.Easy to clean, scrubber discourages formation of any smell.Unique design comfortable grip won’t slip out of wet hands, It’s flexible so you can bend and roll to clean the corne..
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Brand: Generic Model: Potato Cutter
Pack of 2_Potato cutter and French Fried CutterMake potato chips - finger chips - French fries with this. This cutter cuts potato for chips of equal sizeThis cutter cuts potato for chips of equal size.Safe and easy to use that even the child can use it.Stainless Steel Cutting Blades.Color:Assorted...
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Brand: Generic Model: Kitchen Collecting Hanger
Kitchen Collecting HangerPunch-free design, easy to install, protect the wall from damage.Great for hanging utensils, cookware, accessories, bath towels, sponger, bags, shawls, backpacks, purses, coats and moreIf you want to place something of big size, you can pull out the head to keep it upright.T..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cutlery Holder Strainer Drainer Spoon Fork Organizer
Kitchen Home Dry Cutlery Holder StrainerKeeps Sink area Organized and cleanTiered design separates different types of cutlery whilst draining.Strainer at bottom allows water to drain into the base so it won't leave any wet spots on your counter.easy to clean..
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Brand: Generic Model: Smart Peeler With Container
Pack Of_2 Smart Vegetable and Fruit Peeler with ContainerThe standard vegetable peeler can easily peel off hard vegetables and fruitsThe shredder peeler can cut vegetables into uniform strips, which is very suitable for salads, pasta decorations, etcThe handle of Peelers for Kitchen provides a comfo..
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Brand: Generic Model: Drainer
Stainless Steel Kitchen Organizer Foldable Roll Up Over Sink Dish DrainerOver the sink for fruit and vegetable, drying dishes, cups, plates, bowls, tableware and cookware and as a mat for hot pots and pans.Foldable, Easy To Store, Space SaverMulti-function mat unrolls above an open sink for air-dryi..
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Brand: Generic Model: Crafty Slicer With 3 Differentblade
3 Different Blade Store Crafty Dry Fruit Slicer CutterThe unique design makes it very handy and comfortable to use and maintain.The Slicer is Removable and very easy to clean manually.The unique design makes the slices Especially for dry fruit and for slicing small item like chilly and other soft ve..
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Brand: Generic Model: Dryfruit Bowl
Generic Dryfruit Box, Chocolates Box, Sweet Box, Mouth Freshener Box, Indian Mukhwas Box (Set of 2, Orange)The food grade container set is a perfect way to preserve the freshness and crunch of dry fruits. It can also be used to store other edible items. A matching tray is provided that can be used ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Spray water Bottle
Spray Water Bottleconvenient design enable you to bring it everywhere with you, and the wide-mouth design allows you to clean it effortless and put in ice cubes.There is a strap holding the cap and the bottle to prevent lost of the cap and also allows you to hang it up.Keep yourself hydrated. Aqua h..
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Brand: Generic Model: Folding Silicone Dish
Silicone Dish Drying Drainer Folding Rack Collapsible Filter Basket with Spoon Fork Knife Storage HolderSilicon and Eco-friendly PP Material, Dishwasher Safe and BPA FreeMakes easy to direct water directly into the sink to keep your counters clean and dry4 section to organize Silverware, Cutlery, Ki..
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Brand: Generic Model: Coffee Beater
Pack Of_2 The battery operated milk frother is easy to control and easy to clean, use with 2 AA batteries.Handheld version makes the frother easy to use by hand.Battery operated milk frother will be very easy to install...
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Square Strainer
Pack Of 2_Silicone Square Plastic Folding Collapsible Durable Kitchen Sink Dish Rack (Color: Assorted)A great choice for small apartment kitchens, this compact dish drain collapses down to two-fifths of its original height for easy storage in a cabinet or under the sink when you're finished.Reclaim ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 4-Plastic Snack Bag Clip Sealer
Generic Pack Of_4 Multicolor Plastic Snack Bag Clip Sealer(18 Pcs Set) (Color: Assorted)Bag clips are a freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.Package includes three sizes for all bag sealing needs.To use, simply twist the bag and clip a bag clip around the plastic or paper.Easy to use and reusable...
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of_5 Rice Bowl
Generic Pack Of 5_Rice Bowl StrainerRice, pulses, pasta, noodles, fruits, vegetables washer and strainer, (Color:(Assorted)Prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowlIt is very comfortable and convenient to use, prevents the wastage of food as the well-designed holes helps ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Self Draining Sink Tidy
Kitchen Self Draining Sink Tidy With Suction Cup Organizer Sponge Caddies Self Drainer Designed So Excess Water And Soap Will Drain Into Kitchen Sink And Not Accumulate In The Bottom Like A Sink Saddle Holder.Slim Design. Microbial Sink Area Organizer Caddy With Brush Storage Divider. Organization H..
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Brand: Generic Model: Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Slicer
Stainless Steel 4 in 1 Slicer and Grater Chopper Fruit Slicer Dicer Grater Potatoes Slicer Peeler Attach 4 BladesThe sharp blades make it easy to grate hard cheeses like Parmesan or even root vegetables like carrots and potatoesHelps chopping off all kinds of vegetables and fruits.4 Blades Thin Grat..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel Kitchen Drainer Rack Sani Drain Cleaner Stick
Pack Of_5 Drain Cleaners Stick and Drainage Block Remover for KitchenThe Drain Cleaners Stick Strip can be used in both plastic and metal drain pipesbathtub, shower, wash basin and toilet bowl sewer drainage outlet.The drainage strip is unstained and unfundedHealth product for household, no need to ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Disposable Cleaning Cabinate Mat Towel
Pack Of_2 Disposable Cleaning Cabinet Mat Toweldisposable design, easy to use. Water-absorbing material: non-woven fabric material, good water absorption, no crumbs.Thicker lightweight and portableNot damage the coating of tableware, no residue stains...
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Brand: Generic Model: Wave Potato Cutter Slicer
Pack Of_5 Wave Shape Stainless Steel Potato Cutter SlicerPotato vegetable chipser French fries and finger chips cutterCut Perfect French Fries In One Smooth MotionThe Products Are Modern, Stylish and Designed for Your ComfortThe Handle Very Easy To Clean...
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Brand: Generic Model: Cake Decorating Nozzle
24 Pieces Set Cake Decorating Nozzle (Color: Assorted)The most beautiful cakes ever. Make beautiful flowers in one squeeze with this piping tip set, without being a pro cake decorator. This complete icing set of your favourite tips creates stunning roses, hearts and tulips with a simple squeeze of y..
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Brand: Generic Model: Spicerack
Generic Revolving Plastic Spice Rack (16 Pcs)Its bigger mouth made it more useful when it comes to store spices, powders, grains, cashews in it. Crystal clear view to identify the stuff easilySuitable For: Masala Storage, Spice Storage, Dry Fruit StorageTotally Different Design Of Spice Containers. ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Dual Quick Cutter
Generic Plastic Vegetable Chopper Setgreat for small kitchens, travel and camping, made from high quality abs material, food safe plastic, blades are all concealed during use for the utmost safety,Twin chopper with two blade for quick cutting.Made from unbreakable abs plastic for long-lasting use.Th..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 4-Vegetable Cutter With Peeler
Generic Pack Of_4 Vegetable Cutter With Peeler (Color: Assorted)Whether it is a sabzi preparation, stir-fried vegetables or an elaborate salad, cutting vegetables and fruits can often be a cumbersome task involving knives, cutting tables and uneven cutting sizesFeaturing 5 extra-sharp stainless stee..
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Brand: Generic Model: Liquid Cleaning Brush
Pack of 2_Plastic Wash Basin Brush Cleaner with Liquid Soap DispenserIt scrubs pots, greasy dishes, pans, tiles with ease. you may have to add water for different consistencies of liquid soapsIt is dishwasher safe and not to be used for non-stick surfaces. It saves about 60% of liquid soap and is ec..
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Brand: Generic Model: Clever Cutter
Pack of 2_Clever Cutter 2 in 1 Food Chopper Slicer Dicer Vegetable Fruit CutterSmart Knife with Cutting Board: easy for food cutting, great for making the salad and very useful for camping, trips, BBQ, Picnic.Multi-function Vegetable Chopper: a detachable knife for chopping, the top blade features a..
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Brand: Generic Model: Spice Pickle Set
Generic Multipurpose Pickle Jar Set (Multicolour, 4 pcs)Provided with see-through containers so that you can identify the contents without opening them.useful for the storage of different type pickles, masalas, namkeens, chocolates, mouth fresheners and more at one place and make it convenient for y..
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Brand: Generic Model: Multi Chipser Slicer
Multi Chipser Slicer Dicer Chopper, Chilly and Nuts Cutter, For Vegetable ChoppingSix option in one unit chipser, dicer, slicer, grateFastest, safest and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetablesHand Operated, No Electricity NeededEasy chopping, sharp pyramid-shaped cutting blade for efficie..
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Brand: Generic Model: Green Sink Corner
Pack Of_3 Multipurpose Plastic Kitchen Sink Organizer Corner TrayOrganize Your Kitchen Sink Area With this Stand Perfectly Crafted For Kitchen Sink Area.Very Innovative Design to Store All Daily Needs For Sink Work Like Dishwasher Liquid, Brush, Cloth, Soap, Sponge Etc.The main body of the unit prov..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of_2 Faucet Shower Head
Generic Pack Of 2_Anti Splash Expandable Head Nozzle Bathroom Tap Adjustable Splash Sprinkler HeadRun Shower From Normal Size Water Tap Or Normal Pipe End Without Tap, (Color:(Assorted)It Works As A Water Filter As Well Since It Has Inbuilt Minute Holes For Outflow Which Restrict Tiny Raptiles, Inse..
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Brand: Generic Model: Egg Cutter
Pack Of_2_2 in 1 Boiled Egg and amp; Mushroom Slicer Cutter Chopper Plastic with Stainless Steel WiredEgg slicer is a good helper for making delicious salads and the slicer can store in a drawer or cabinet.Egg slicer can be use in your Home Restaurant Cafeteria or Outdoor Parties.Egg slicer is made ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Weighung Scale
Generic Digital Weighing ScaleEquipped with a High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor SystemHas TARE option to weigh different ingredients in the same containerThe digital kitchen scale is battery operated, easy to useIt Home and Kitchens a large round stainless steel washable tray for routine cleaning.C..
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Brand: Generic Model: Chef Basket
Generic Foldable Strainer Chef BasketFoldable and easy to store12 in 1 Chef Basket Foldable Strainer Kitchen ToolMade of Stainless Steel material,which won't be rusted if you drying in after washingColor:Assorted...
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Brand: Generic Model: Fruit Vegetable Washing Strainer Basket
The preferred basket size needed to handle most straining, seiving, washing, cleaning, holding foods or fruits tasks.Best colander bowl set, drain basket for your kitchen works for draining most foods like spaghetti, pasta, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach and other veggies. User th..
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Brand: Generic Model: Adjestable Telescopic Sink
Telescopic Adjustable Faucet Rack Dish Brushes Sponge Storage Shelves Sink Drain (Color: Assorted)Telescopic sponge holder adopts a humanized movable retractable device, and the size can be adjusted by you.We adopt the design of a towel rack to dry the towels for you, saving your kitchen space, and ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Onion Cutter
Stainless Steel Onion Cutter Onion HolderOnion Holder Sharp stitches prevent slippage and cut evenly for greater safety and pin joints are sturdy and durable, not easy to fall off.The Onion Holder can also be used as a meat tenderizer.Long steel needle penetrates deeply, into the meat to improve its..
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Brand: Generic Model: Vegetable Leaf Stripper
Pack Of_5 Vegetables Celery Parsley Cabbage Leaf Stripper Plastic looseleaf herb Leaf Stripper Kitchen GadgetsInsert stems and pull through hole, easily and quickly strip the leaves from herbs.The hand held design is easy to use.The Side also Can be Use As a Plastic Knife.This leaf-shaped device wor..
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Brand: Generic Model: Ice Candy
Pack Of_2_6 Pieces Set Ice Popsicle Moulds, Homemade Reusable Ice Cream Mold Candy Maker They are good for freezing juices and other ingredients, such as purees, yogurt, gelatin, fruit, ice milk, pudding, jams and jellies and more.Storite six pcs ice pop molds include a popsicle molds basecan be use..
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Brand: Generic Model: Coffee Shap Mould
Pack Of_2_16 Pieces Set Coffee Shape mouldGreat for make fancy Cappuccino's, Coffee, Latte's or HotMake some funny pattern on your coffeeChocolate 16 different design give your drinks a more attractiveAnd you also can use it to decorate cake..
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Brand: Generic Model: Blade Peeler
Pack Of_2 Vegetable Fruit Peeler for Kitchen 3 in 1 Multi Function ToolThe handle is ergonomic and has a non slip design.The edge of blade is sharp and durableSaves your valuable time on food preparation.The kitchen peeler is small and lightweight..
Rs.195.00 Rs.260.00
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicon Handle Spoon
Pack Of_2 Silicone Ladle Soup Spoon Nonstick Heat Resistant Long Spatula HandleThe handle designed for easy and comfortable use and provides a secure gripLadle Soup Spoons are solid, durable, long Lasting. They are gentle against delicate pots and nonstick pans.You can firmly scrape up any food from..
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Brand: Generic Model: Hand Press Onion Chopper
Pack Of_2 Onion Vegetable Hand Press Cutting ChopperExpress chop chunks of onions, herbs, garlic or spices into smaller pieces with a sharp one-piece zigzag blade that cuts and rotates at base with a quick push of the non-slip, easy grip plunger handle by your hands.No need to directly hold the garl..
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Brand: Generic Model: Nessie Ladle Spoon
Pack Of_2 Nessie Ladle Dinosaur Long Handle Soup SpoonsStanding Soup LadlesUse it for soups or punch and you will catch the attention of adults and children.A great way to add some light-hearted fun to your home cooking...
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Brand: Generic Model: Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cutters
Pack Of_2 Heart Shaped Sandwich Cutters Toast Bread Cutter MoldEasy To Spill Food Ingredients, Suggest It To Lunch.Cute heart shape sandwich cutter bread mold toast maker cake cookie cutter kitchen dessert diy toolIdeal for use with Sandwich Fondant Cakes, Sugar paste, petal pastePerfect And Straigh..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cake Decorating Icing Bag
Pack Of 3_Cake Decorating Nozzle with Piping Bag Stainless Steel Piping Cream Frosting Nozzles (Color: Assorted)The most beautiful cakes ever. Make beautiful flowers in one squeeze with this piping tip set, without being a pro cake decorator. This complete icing set of your favourite tips creates st..
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Brand: Generic Model: Jumbo Hand Blender
Pack Of 2_Power free Hand Blender and Beater in kitchen appliances (Color: Assorted)The wire beaters and dough hooks are detachable from the motor body. This makes it much easier for you to clean the them. Just keep the attachments under running water.Apply mild dish washing soap and then wash with ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cavity Ice Tray
Pack Of 2_37 Cavity Flexible Silicone Honeycomb Design Ice Cube Tray (Color: Assorted)which makes it easy to release ice cubes by pushing from the bottom.Ice tray makes 37 nice-sized. Each cube compartment is separate from others so you can easily release as much ice cubes as you wantMade of food gr..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cleaning Dish Scrubber
Pack Of 2_(2 Pieces Set)_Scrub Sponge 2 in 1 PAD for Kitchen, Sink, Bathroom Cleaning Scrubber (Color: Assorted)Value pack is best buy for savings .Double Sided 2in1 Sponge has One Non Scratch Soft Spongy Side and One Rough Scouring Scrubber Pad for tough stains .Surface Cleaning Sponge with Anti Od..
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Brand: Generic Model: Cake Nozzle
Pack Of 2_(12 Pieces Set)_Cake Decorating Nozzle (Color: Assorted)The most beautiful cakes ever. Make beautiful flowers in one squeeze with this piping tip set, without being a pro cake decorator. This complete icing set of your favourite tips creates stunning roses, hearts and tulips with a simple ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Scarlet Egg Beater
Hand Mixer with 4 Pieces Set Stainless BlenderCompact and light weight yet so powerful.A multi tasking mixer, blender, beater and cream maker.Two pairs of stainless steel beaters and Dough Hooks.Baking cakes and other pastry favourites are no more a monopoly of professional bakers...
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Brand: Generic Model: Classic Ice Cream Mould
Classic Cakesicle Ice Cream 3 Cavity Mold Without StickCakesicle maker mold is excellent non-stick, can release easier and clean easier. The Popsicle mold’s safe temperature range is -18℃ to 220℃. You can use it not only in summer, but also in winter. easier to release and clean, the ice cream made ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Mango Cutter
Pack of 4_Mango Cutter Chopper Slicer Tool Slicing Machine with 4 Stainless Steel BladesLight and flexi to carry in travllingMade of food grade plastic and stainless steel bladesDust proof coating prevents the surface from chipping or peelingStylish cuts apple and remove core with 4 even slicesColor..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 5-Banana Case
Generic Pack Of_5 Banana Case Lunch Box (Color: Assorted)It Will Keep Your Fruit Safe Until You Are Ready To Snack, No Need To Worry About Banana Getting Smashed In Bag, Lunch Box Or Suit PocketIt Can Fit Most Bananas, It Is Great For Camping, Fishing, Hunting, And Ideal For School.You Can Take The ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of 3-Sweeping Cloths Wipes
Generic Pack Of_3 Sweeping Cloths Wipes (Color: Assorted)Amazingly Absorbent, Demolishes Dust and amp; Dirt, Easy To Clean and amp; Dry, Gently Lifts, Traps The Dirt And Grime Like Magnet Until Its Been Washed. It'S Ultra-Soft Fine Fibers Makes The Cleaning Easy Like A ProfessionalPerfect For Car Cl..
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Brand: Generic Model: Pack Of_3 Cloth Hanger Clip
Generic Pack Of 3_Multipurpose Plastic Cloth Hanging Pegs Clips_36 PcsSuper Strong Pegs With One Appropriate Size To Handle. Perfect For Clothing, Things In Kitchen, Toys, Displays, Travel Use As Well. (Color:(Assorted)Pegs Are Made Of High Quality Materials. The Wider, Thicker, Stronger Clips Hold ..
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